Fraud Report


The Advanced Data Difference

  • Makes the process of identifying fraudulent data faster and more accurate.
  • Reports are generated that are easy to read, understand, analyze, and act on.
  • Expert Services eliminate inconsistencies in the fraud report, which saves processors the time required to resolve them.
  • Helps ensure that lenders are compliant with CFPB and other regulations, including the qualified mortgage requirements.
  • Available through most major Loan Origination Software.

Results from Advanced Data’s Fraud Report have been nothing short of astounding: Losses from fraud were reduced by almost 70 percent. Lenders, servicers, and investors use the Fraud Report often several times during the lifecycle of a loan: from origination until the loan is paid off. They trust Advanced Data’s Fraud Report because it ensures they have an accurate, time-sensitive understanding of their fraud exposure for every loan they underwrite, service or purchase.

Lenders have complete confidence in our Fraud Reports because they can have our experienced, high-performing Fraud Expert Services team review 100% of ADV Fraud Reports to quickly red flag and remove false positives. Our clients use Expert Services because it saves 30-60 minutes for each loan, and most ADV Fraud Reports are delivered to the lender within one hour-featuring concise, easy to read and analyze information that shows what was cleared and the data used to clear the discrepancies.