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Post-Closing QC & Verifications

Quality Control:

Our Mortgage Post-Closing Quality Control division offers a full range of QC services, from individual re-verifications to file or portfolio reviews.


As a DU Validation Service provider for Day 1 Certainty, we offer complete verification services – including VOE/VOI, VOA, ITV, SSNV, and more.

Helping clients reduce prefunding and post-closing cost, risk, and cycle time since 2009.

Industry Leader


We've earned a reputation in the mortgage industry for our innovative products and services, supported by industry experts and groundbreaking technology.

Maximum Efficiency


We take pride in our flexible, intuitive solutions that generate productivity gains, speed up lending processes, and reduce costs – without disrupting existing business processes.

Superior Customer Service

Customer Service

With a unique blend of mortgage industry experience and high communication standards, our team offers dynamic solutions tailored to each lender’s specific needs.

Proprietary Automation


Our proprietary, intuitive technology generates efficiency and reduces costs, from prefunding to post-closing.

Increased Accuracy, Reduced Costs, & Better Lending

Advanced Data Corporation is a leading national verifications company, focused on helping lenders across the U.S. reduce their application-to-funded cycle time, costs, and risks. Our innovative technology and intuitive solutions provide lenders with consistently reliable data, making their processes efficient and error-free.

The Advanced Data team strives for excellence in all we do! We are committed to developing solutions to improve efficiency, decrease expenses, and produce maximum results for our clients.

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