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The Future of Verifying – simple, secure, and saving lenders money

Benefits of eVoE™

The first of its kind in the mortgage industry, eVoE™ enables employers to sign and complete a 1005 form electronically through our secure eDocument Solutions portal. Our users experience significantly shorter turnaround times, reduced costs, and increased accuracy.

More than 30% of VOEs are returned with inaccurate or missing data that mortgage lenders must correct or attempt to track down. That takes valuable time, slows the origination process, and increases costs.

To eliminate these challenges, Advanced Data created our eVoE™ eDocument Solution!

Through our eVoE™ portal, lenders can...

  • Avoid the typical irsks inherent in transmitting personal financial data through email or a fax machine.
  • Complete more VOEs in a timely manner because the forms are returned without errors or critical missing data.
  • Rest assured thats VOEs will not be returned until they are 100% complete.
  • Be confident that all document handwriting is clear and legible.
  • And ensure they will never have to go back to the employer for more information or to correct a mistake.

How it Works

  1. Order your VOE through any compatible Loan Origination Sysytem (LOS) or the Advanced Data website. There are no additional requirements to use eVoE™.
  2. The Advanced Data VOE team will contact the employer and send them a secure link to access the eVoE™ portal.
  3. The employer will complete the entire VOE process online, entering all the required income information and signing electronically.
  4. You will be able to retrieve the completed report through your LOS or the Advanced Data website.

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