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Advanced Data Integrates with Black Knight’s LoanSphere Exchange Digital

MILFORD, Pa., July 18, 2018 - Advanced Data Corporation, provider of verification fintech for mortgage lenders, announced today that its VERIFICATIONS solution will be integrated with LoanSphere Exchange Digital platform, Black Knight’s secure online API gateway for lenders.

The VERIFICATIONS offering from Advanced Data features eVoETM, which enables lenders to securely access the borrower’s employment history and income without outsourcing – cutting loan costs, producing higher-quality data and significantly reducing turnaround time. By utilizing the LoanSphere Exchange Digital platform, lenders and servicers will be able to readily access Advanced Data’s suite of verification products, including verification of income/employment, verification of assets, verification of wire transfer, and other customized solutions.

"This integration with Black Knight will continue our momentum with our expanding verification technology including eVoETM,” said Allen Johnson, CEO and Founder of Advanced Data. “In this digital mortgage age, we are committed to offering all levels within a lending organization access to streamlined verification solutions, which are now available through Black Knight’s LED platform.”

“At Black Knight, we are committed to helping our clients reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve quality,” said James Iredale, senior vice president and general manager of Black Knight’s Lending Solutions division. “The addition of Advanced Data’s VERIFICATIONS solution to LoanSphere Exchange Digital supports these advantages, while advancing lenders’ and servicers’ digital strategies.”

LoanSphere Exchange Digital offers a secure gateway for lender, servicer and third-party- provider systems to exchange data and documents with each other. By aggregating and normalizing APIs from a myriad of loan services – such as appraisal, title, and verification of income, employment and assets – lenders and servicers need only one connection for accessing multiple providers.

About Advanced Data Advanced Data is recognized as the standard for enterprise-wide mortgage data integrity, specializing in fraud prevention and enhanced verifications. Its proprietary technology is integrated with loan origination systems, and the firm offers a SaaS platform for clients that prefer a custom solution. Its services include eSign 4506-C, streamlined verifications and re- verifications of employment, verification of assets, fraud reports, multiple levels of social security number verifications, AVM plus property inspection, and flood zone determinations. Advanced Data’s proprietary Fraud Report identifies each loan’s fraud risk before and after funding. The firm prides itself on delivering superb customer service, hiring experienced employees, and developing customized, sophisticated technology. It’s one of the only firms in its sector to employ an in-house development group, which ensures its technology provides a competitive advantage to clients and can be customized to their needs.

For more information, visit advanceddata.com.
Press Contact: Annette Noonan Compliance and Verification Division
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