Comprehensive Mortgage Application Data Verification

The ADV Report is a single comprehensive report on the fraud risks identified within the mortgage application. The ADV report is investor approved and enables compliance with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fraud detection requirements. The report verifies key loan data and returns a single concise report highlighting discrepancies between the loan application data and the public records.


Our verification employs a massive network of consumer, property and corporate information including: credit header file data, utility invoice data, single-family residential property data, USPS data, corporate & sole proprietor data, reverse phone and reverse address data and demographic sources. The final report verifies loan data in 8 key areas and returns detailed reports on each key component with a summary page that includes a validation score and key warning messages.


  • Objective and independent analysis utilizing the most current real-time data
  • Enables lenders to:
    • Detect multiple fraud types
    • Reduces false positives, and focus in on high-risk issues
    • Enable compliance with new secondary market requirements
    • Reduce the risk of loan repurchase due to fraud
  • One report with a comprehensive review of key loan file data elements against billions of public records
  • Concise summary of findings with overall risk score and warning messages
  • Fraud report approved by CitiMortgage & Chase Rural

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