Eco-friendly Business

Fact: Four million tons of office paper is discarded every year in US offices. There are simple ways to prevent the unnecessary waste of paper. At Advanced Data International, environmentally friendly business practices are a set standard in an effort to diminish our carbon footprint, without diminishing the level of service provided to every client. It's easy to offer industry-leading service and secure data while considering the environmental impact by using the age-old concept of the "3R's": Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


As business models are revolutionized continuously into the digital age, Advanced Data International strives to take this as an opportunity to be paperless as often as possible. The ITV Services, VOE Services, Flood Services, HVE Services, and all other services provided by Advanced Data International are largely conducted without using a single sheet of actual paper. This is done through the use of industry-leading databases and Advanced Data International's own proprietary software that was developed keeping green business in mind. Paperless business not only reduces waste but also saves time and money.


While reducing paper use is a major goal and the web-based application makes it easy, it is not always possible to do everything electronically. Receptacles contain recycled paper to use for intra-office document printing. At ADI’s offices, employees are encouraged to use dishware instead of paper products. While these are small changes, small efforts can make a big difference when they are all added up. Reusing paper and using dishware in an effort to conserve, is a business plan that is both environmentally sound and cost effective.


It is common knowledge that using recycled paper protects natural resources, saves energy, saves trees, creates less toxic by-products, and does not add to already over-crowded landfills. When print is necessary - anything from client - requested documents to business cards - recycled paper is always the first choice. Advanced Data International also provides eco-friendly giveaways with promotional products made from recycled materials. To request promo products from ADI, email:


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