Verification of Mortgage

Advanced Data’s Verification of Mortgage (VOM) product is a cost-effective, efficient and intuitive service that simplifies a lender’s origination process. A VOM documents a borrower’s mortgage payment history, verifies the existing balance and monthly payments, and records if there were any late payments.

Our customer service team has the experience, knowledge, and training to deliver one of the fastest turnaround times- -often just a few days--in the mortgage industry. In addition, a robust, sophisticated technology platform supports their efforts and ensures that clients can easily and quickly order VOMs through a secure web-based interface. The data gathered from VOMs helps to determine a borrower’s debt-to-income ratio and verifies current or expected assets.

  • Provides easy and efficient online ordering.
  • Delivers the fastest turnaround times, often just a few days.
  • Verifies borrower’s mortgage payment and balance. Checks for late payments.

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